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Blackjack Strategy - Basic & Advanced

Unlike the other online casino games, blackjack is described as a game of strategy, so that is why its popularity has stayed as it is for a very long time. 

When you join a blackjack table in an online casino Malaysia, you need to make a set of decisions and have a precise blackjack strategy in place. These decisions will be the difference between getting big payouts and losing all your wagers.

Blackjack Strategy - Basic & Advanced

The strategies in this game fall under two categories: blackjack basic strategy and advanced strategy. 

The basic strategy comprises all the playing decisions you must make to keep the house edge as low as possible, and when using this strategy you will know the best play in every situation you find yourself in during the game.

Every good blackjack strategy game starts with a good understanding of its basic rules and strategy. Without having basic knowledge of the game itself, we cannot even think about the more advanced strategies, such as card counting.

There is no blackjack winning strategy in place, but if you know the basics of the game, you will head into it with good odds, sometimes the odds will be so much on your side that you will get hefty profits along the way.

After you have finished learning the basic strategy, it might be time to learn the more advanced one, which is a bit more complicated, but the rewards are far better. 

With all that said, we will dive deeper into the details of what is the best blackjack strategy online, and which details come with it along the way.

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Difference between Basic Strategy & Advanced Strategy

The best decisions that players can make during a round of blackjack can see them win good prizes and minimize the risks of a significant loss. You need to know that any online casino Malaysia has a house advantage, and that is just how casinos work.

Blackjack is so popular among players because it has a lower house edge compared to other games. So, with a good blackjack gambling strategy, you can secure handsome payouts. Let’s begin with the basic strategy.

The first thing you should know when you use basic blackjack strategies is when to surrender. This is an option that can be available only after the first two cards are dealt. You won’t be able to use the surrender option in blackjack if you have taken a hit.

The split is the second part of the blackjack basic strategy game that you should note. You will be able to split in blackjack if your opening two cards have the same value. 

Any pair from Ace-9 and any two cards that have a value of 10 can be split. If you decide to split, you must make a second bet for that round with the same value as the original bet.

Doubling down is the next part of a basic blackjack strategy, and you can decide to double down your original bet once you receive the first two cards.

Taking a hit is another aspect of a basic blackjack strategy and it gives you the chance to ask for an additional card.

Finally, you can take a stand when reviewing your blackjack strategy to win, and it occurs when you decide not to take any more cards in your hand.

Every blackjack strategy can be put on a blackjack strategy chart, so it helps you with your learning process. Having a blackjack strategy table is recommended for every beginner, as it will smooth the transition towards a blackjack expert strategy.

Now, let’s see what are the advanced blackjack strategies and the main differences with the basic.

Card counting is the first aspect of an advanced blackjack strategy, and the most popular system is the Hi-Low card counting system. This is not a new blackjack strategy, and it means that you should give each card a value.

  • Cards 2-6 are valued 1
  • Cards 7-0 are valued 0
  • Cards 10-ace are valued -1

Next, we have the insurance bet, and it is an option to sort of buy protection in case the dealer has a blackjack. This is a side bet that is offered to you if the dealer’s first card is an Ace.

The Martingale system is also considered to be among the advanced blackjack strategy. In case of a loss, you should raise the bet, and do the opposite when you win. This way, you can secure good payouts in the long run.

Next, you should consider the positive progression strategy, which is based on the premise of you increasing the betting amount after every win and cutting it after you lose.

Basic Blackjack Online Strategy Tips

Basic Blackjack Online Strategy Tips

The first thing that we should mention when speaking of the basic blackjack strategy card game is:

Tips #1: Surrender option

You need to know when is the right time to surrender and one general advice that we can give is that if your hand totals 16, and the dealer’s upcard is 9, 10, or an Ace, it is recommended that you surrender. 

The same applies if you have a 15, and the dealer’s upcard is 10. You should opt to split when your first two cards are a pair, or if you have two 10-valued cards in your hand. This is one of the basic blackjack strategy betting options at your disposal.

Tips #2: Right time to double your bet

if you have an Ace matched with a 5, 6, or 7, while the dealer has a card ranging from 2-6, then this is the right time to double your bet. Having these cards will give you a greater chance to secure the win, and you don’t want to miss it.

Tips #3: Taking a hit or a stand depends on the dealer’s upcard

Taking a hit or a stand depends on the dealer’s upcard, and you will take a hit when you should improve your hand. Taking a stand means that you believe that your total will beat the dealer’s hand. 

All in all, you are not short of options when it comes to the blackjack basic strategy card game.

Advanced Blackjack Online Strategy Tips

Advanced Blackjack Online Strategy Tips

We will begin by mentioning that you should only take insurance bets when the time is right, and one golden rule in blackjack states that you should never take insurance when the dealer's hand is an Ace, otherwise you might consider it.

Now, we have the rule of 45, which applies to a hand that has a total card value of 16, but it is made entirely of 4s and 5s in it. So, if your hand has both and, let's say, it is made up of 4-5-7, then you should definitely stand.

We cannot have any discussion of advanced blackjack betting strategies without mentioning card counting. 

Over time, if you wish to become somewhat of an expert and if you wish to have good financial gains from blackjack, you should master the art of card counting.

Card counting is a complex procedure that requires concentration and tons of practice, so you are best advised to try out the basic blackjack strategies in online casino Malaysia first before you dive deeper into the more advanced ones.

Once you are totally sure, your real blackjack gambling journey can begin, and you can aim for the biggest prizes, as it is evident that it can be quite profitable.

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