Introduction To Casino Loyalty Bonus In Malaysia Online Casino

Casino loyalty bonus is often a part of customer loyalty programmes which are instrumental for every establishment. This is no different for online casinos which introduce loyalty bonuses to go with their casino games. 

In most cases, loyalty bonus co-exist with other promotions and they may even enhance others. On its own, it makes for a rewarding gambling experience as well.

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What is a casino loyalty bonus?

What is a casino loyalty bonus?

Casino loyalty bonus is also known as rewards program, VIP bonus, or VIP schemes. It functions to reward loyal players of the Malaysia online casino. The casino may employ different tiers of membership whereby the player can play frequently to earn different rewards over time.

The most common way that loyalty programs method of membership require the players to collect points over time, where a certain activity generates a certain number of points. In return, the earned points can then be used to exploit special benefits which are not available to regular players.

How do loyalty bonuses work?

How do loyalty bonuses work?

The access to the VIP bonus must be unlocked through membership, and the player must sign up for a membership. Once the player attains the membership, the loyalty bonuses may not be immediately granted. 

This is because a key requirement of the player is to complete certain actions, which mainly involves collecting points when they play games.

Once they successfully play a game, they will earn points (irrespective of wins or losses). These points will be tallied and calculated to determine the current status of membership. Once the total points have reached a certain point, the membership will upgrade to the next tier. 

This would eventually allow the player to use casino loyalty bonuses which are previously not available to them.

Terms and conditions of casino loyalty bonus

Casino loyalty bonus behaves in correlation with the player’s behaviour in the online casino. Unlike other bonuses, the player would need to maintain regular activity in order to unlock them. This is because they are not immediately provided upon completion of one action alone. Multiple and repeated actions may be necessary to access the bonuses.

Wagering requirement

To accumulate points, The player must wager with a minimum sum of money. For example, a minimum wager $10 will award 1 point to the player. Therefore, in order to accumulate points, the player must hit this minimum amount for wagering. Increased wagering will lead to more accumulated points for quick ascension in membership levels.

In addition, only selected games may also be eligible for collection of points. Regardless of the actual outcomes, the player will still attain the points regardless of wins or losses. However, each casino may employ different mechanics for the membership. Some may even remove wagering requirements altogether, but this is rare.

Features of casino loyalty bonus

Features of casino loyalty bonus

Casino loyalty bonus can take many forms and in each variant, they offer features which are not native to regular promotions. Loyalty bonus casino often stands on its own merit, and not wholly dependent on other bonuses in the casino. As they must be earned through membership, they often provide special perks which are in the league of their own.


Most common form of VIP bonus. The bonus allows the player to reclaim a small to medium portion of deposited money. It helps to add new balance on top of existing balance, which ultimately creates more wagering opportunities. 

It is also commonly known as rebate, and it may also work differently (depending on the casino) by returning a small portion of losses to the player’s account.

Higher points collection

This bonus helps players to claim more points at lower wagering requirements. It is normally available to players with a higher tier of membership. Upon claiming this bonus, the player would enjoy fast ascension of membership levels with frequent gambling. This mechanic is desirable for high rollers who invest a significant sum of money in the casino.

Faster payout

Akin to priority lanes in retailers, this bonus will permit faster withdrawal and payout of winnings. It cuts down waiting time, so the players can get their hands on the money sooner. This bonus is beneficial for frequent players.

Other features such as free spins, birthday bonus, surprise gifts, and exclusive invites to events may also exist. Similarly, many casinos will also offer different sets of casino loyalty bonuses which may encompass all or some of the common variants.

Free plays

The casino bonus will allow the players to participate in any games with no actual expenditure. Any betting will be deducted from the pool of free plays. In addition, any actual winnings will also be eligible for payout. It works like no deposit bonus which gives players a chance to win without any risk of losing money.


Casino loyalty bonus makes for an integral part of online casino. They provide a sense of belonging that makes the players feel special for being a part of the online casino. While the player spends a somewhat fixed amount of money to access the bonuses, it is generally worthwhile due to sitewide and long term lifespan of the bonuses.

This is especially true for AW8 which offers unparalleled VIP privileges for the members. While regular members only get a 20% reload bonus, VIP members receive a 30% bonus to their reloads instead. 

In addition, the players can also get access to special lounges, rebates, and mega giveaways. Overall the membership at AW8 provides extra benefits to the players unlike others.


a. What is a loyalty bonus in a casino?

Loyalty bonus in a casino is offered especially to players registered with customer loyalty programmes. It provides special perks not available for regular players which creates added value in the players’ gambling experience.

b. What online casino has the best loyalty bonus?

AW8 offers the best loyalty bonus with 30% bonus for daily reload. This is 10% higher than the 20% reload bonus offered to regular players. In addition, it also provides access to special lounge, giveaways, and accelerated accumulation of points.

c. How do I use loyalty bonus?

Loyalty bonus presents itself in different ways such as cashback, free spins, faster payout, birthday gifts, and others. Each type of bonus can have tangible and intangible benefits. How each bonus work is dependent on the format, and where it can be used. For instance, cashback requires a deposit whereas a birthday gift requires no action from the players.

d. Can a loyalty bonus be used on any game?

In most cases, yes. Any casino loyalty bonus which is associated with monetary reward can be applied in any games. However, certain restrictions may apply depending on the casino. The restriction may require the player to play in selected games only.

e. How do casino loyalty bonuses work?

Casino loyalty bonus is awarded when the player signs up for VIP membership. Upon successful accumulation of points, the membership will be upgraded to a new tier. In subsequence, newer bonuses will be unlocked for immediate usage.
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