Introduction To Rebate Bonus In Casino Online Malaysia

Rebate bonus is a common incentive in online casinos. An unmistakable incentive that makes gambling more rewarding for the players, the incentive serves an unique purpose which is unlike other bonuses. When the bonus is utilized alone or with other bonuses, it makes for an elevated journey into the world of online casinos.

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What is a rebate bonus in the casino?

What is a rebate bonus in the casino?

Rebate bonus allows part of the players’ total turnover or wagering to be returned once they fulfil certain requirements from their online casino. The goal is to encourage the players to play more and depending on the mechanics, to allow players to recoup some losses. For some casinos, this bonus is also closely associated with cashback.

However, while cashback is known to refund a certain percentage of the player’s total net losses, rebate works by refunding total turnover or wagering. 

By fulfilling certain requirements of the casino, the player is eligible to soften the blow of losing, and create a positive account balance. While the actual payout is not significantly high like a welcome bonus, the small bonus still makes the player rewarded for being a customer.

How do casino rebate bonuses work?

How do casino rebate bonuses work?
Rebate bonus is typically offered to registered players. It works by returning an amount of money to the players based on their total losses. This is dependent on the rates which may vary from games to games and membership level too. 

Membership level is often divided to 2-3 tiers, and higher tiers provide better rates. The bonus cash rebate typically has a minimum amount but in some casinos, there is no cap on the maximum amount.

The rates can be as low as 0.5%, but it can also go up to 1%. The average rate for most casinos is 1% which is low enough to be offered on a daily basis. The calculation is also drawn from the maximum daily bet limit. 

Some casinos may also offer weekly rebates but this is less common. The relatively low percentage can help to provide some refund based on the losses, but it won’t result in heavy losses on the casino.

Terms and conditions of rebate bonus

Rebate bonus gets awarded when the player suffers losses. While it is automatically credited to the player’s account, immediate withdrawal is not available unless the player hits the amount for turnover. The amount can be calculated by the amount of bonus received multiplied by how many rounds of mandatory turnover to get the amount.

Reaching the turnover amount is almost mandatory in all casinos in order to cash out rebate bonus casinos. However, the player should also bear in mind that the bonus is only valid for a limited period of time. 

Hence, there is a time limit for the player to hit the turnover amount before the cashout window expires. To get a better understanding of payout, the player should observe the pay table of the rebate bonus.

Features of rebate bonus

Features of rebate bonus
Rebate bonus works automatically without much effort from the player. Unlike some bonuses which require a promotion code, this condition is removed from the game. Instead, the online casino will monitor the bonus cash rebate and credit them on a daily or weekly basis. Each casino has a fixed rate on the rebate.

While each casino may utilize different rates and formulas for the rebate, the relative goal of refunding a small amount of money to the player is retained. In some casinos, losses will not be a key focus, but the amount of bets will take the center stage instead. 

The casinos typically allow daily or weekly rebates to be claimed, and not two simultaneously. However, other concurrent bonuses such as reload bonus may still function normally.


Rebates serve as a good incentive for the players to keep coming back to the online casino Malaysia. This is especially true for avid online casino players. Not every player will always be on a winning streak, hence when the losses finally catches up, rebate bonus is great to recover some losses. 

Most importantly, it acts as a gesture of goodwill from the casino to show that it cares. When the player is on a losing streak, receiving free money can make them feel like they are not wholly defeated.

While the average rate of rebate is 1.0% at best, AW8 stands out with a rate up to 1.5%. In addition, there is also no cap on the amount of rebate which the player can claim. The best part of this bonus scheme is that it is claimable on a daily basis. 

As the casino bonus can be applied in slots, live casino, and slots, most players can get to enjoy fair returns on their money invested for betting.


a. What is a rebate bonus in the casino?

Rebate bonus in a casino serves to offer some refund for the losses experienced by the players. It functions as a gesture of goodwill to motivate the players to return to playing again. 

The average rate is 0.5% to 1%. In addition, there is no cap on the limit which the player can claim. The casinos may offer it on a daily or weekly basis, with daily schedules being the most popular.

b. What online casino has the best rebate bonus?

UEA8ET offers an excellent rate of return bonus for its registered members. While the other casinos only provide up to 1%, UEA8ET provides 1.5%, which is above the average rate. 

The players may claim this daily offer, with no maximum limit and use it in the most popular modes (live casino, sports, and slots) of games in the casino. In addition, the turnover is only 1 round which is fairly reasonable, and likely achievable by most players.

c. How do I use the rebate bonus?

The rebate bonus works just like real money. Once credited to the players’ account, the player may use it like real money for betting in the games. However, a time limit may be applicable which the player needs to be mindful of in order to proceed with actual withdrawal.

d. Can a rebate bonus be used on any game?

It depends on the casino. Some casinos may only restrict the bonus to be usable in selected games. Hence, the rebate bonus casino is otherwise unusable in games which are not covered by the incentive. This also means that the bonus may only be derived from selected eligible games.

e. How do casino rebate bonuses work?

Rebate bonus works by returning an amount of money to the players based on their total losses. Each game has different tiers of rates which is also influenced by the level of membership. 

Higher levels of membership will grant additional payout. In addition, the player also needs to observe the frequency of turnovers mandated by the casino for seamless withdrawal.
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