Introduction To Referral Bonus In Online Casino

Online casino is an established business entity just like any brick-and-mortar stores. Marketing attempts of the casino often mirror the creative minds of businesses. 

This is no different for refer a friend bonus which empowers an individual to take matters into their own hands. Thanks to the innovative mechanic, the casino and players stand to benefit with the activation of the bonus.

List of The Best Referral Bonus Casino Malaysia 2021

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What is a referral bonus?

What is a referral bonus?

Referral bonus, is also known as refer a friend bonus in most reputable casinos. The bonus is presented to the players in two forms - fixed amount of bonus with new registration or a percentage of the new player’s first deposit. Some casinos may offer different mechanics, but these two are the common methods.

The goal of the bonus fits the bigger picture of marketing efforts executed by the online casino. By converting the existing customers as a point of information dissemination, the players have become the allies of the casino.

The players can opt to introduce the casino to their new friends and bring in more customers for the casino. This helps to cut down marketing costs and resources required to attract new players.

How do casino referral work?

How do casino referral work?

The best online casino referral bonus does not just require the player to tell their friends and leave it at that. The online casino needs evidence and documentation that it actually happens for verification purposes. This is achieved through special links or referral codes.

The casino will generate a special link or referral code unique to their accounts. The link or code is unique and they are used to identify that to link your identity to them. The player may proceed to invite their friends using the link and successful new registration will be recorded. Alternatively, the new players may also enter the referral code when they sign up, and it will be documented as well.

Terms and conditions of referral bonus

In order for new registration to be credited to the player, the player’s friend must complete the steps below:
  • Step 1: Visit the online casino website (through special link if available)

  • Step 2: Register for a new account (enter the referral code if available)

  • Step 3: Make a deposit

If the registration is successful, the player can enjoy best refer a friend casino bonus. Depending on the mechanics of the bonus, the player may receive a fixed sum of money or a percentage of the friend’s deposit. 

The fund will be credited to the player’s account. However, while the player can rejoice in free money, the player also needs to be mindful of wagering requirements.

Wagering requirements

Before the player can withdraw any money, he or she must wager the bonus amount for a specific number of times. For example, the bonus at $100 has a wagering requirement at 35x. Therefore, the player has to bet a total of $3500 ($100 x 35) to convert the bonus into payable money. Successful fulfillment of this condition will result in payout.

Features of referral bonus

Features of referral bonus

Monetary reward is the best form of referral bonus due to its near universal usefulness in all areas of the casinos. However, other features and variants of the bonus may also exist to complement the needs of different players. The other variation of rewards can make referral programs to be highly successful and attractive.

Loyalty points

Refer a friend bonus may reward the player with loyalty points. Higher accumulation of points will allow the player to reach greater tiers of membership. As a result, the player can enjoy exclusive rewards such as giveaways, physical gifts, faster withdrawal, and others. The rewards promoted in customer loyalty programs are special and not available through other means.

Free spins

Refer a friend bonus slot is unique to selected slot games in the online casino. Free rounds of slots will be credited to a special pool of free spins for transaction, and no actual expenditure will occur. 

As slots are a game of luck, it may require more than a few tries to hit the jackpot or any wins. Therefore, free spins are beneficial to create additional opportunities to win without costing any money.


More than just a marketing gimmick, referral bonus can make a difference in a player’s journey in the online casino. While it is not the most popular bonus compared to welcome bonus and reload bonus, it still holds a place in most online casinos. This is because the existing players have the power to help grow the business and help the brand to enter public consciousness.

No online casino does referral bonus better than UEA8ET. Through its comprehensive mechanics, the player can receive a 10% referral bonus, plus additional reward up to RM900. 

By introducing more friends to the casino, the reward tiers will hit a new level and additional payout will be granted. Apart from the existing promotions on UEA8ET, online casino refer a friend bonus is great to create extra free money.


a. What is a referral bonus in a casino?

Referral bonus is a type of bonus granted to players who successfully introduced the casino to their friends. The goal is to leverage on the players’ social circle and use their connections as a vehicle of marketing efforts for the online casino. It is typically rewarded as money, although other forms exist.

b. What online casino has the best referral bonus?

UEA8ET provides an above average referral bonus. Through its refer a friend bonus programme, the players can enjoy 10% bonus (based on first deposit of friends). In addition, there is also a separate rewards scheme with bonus up to RM900 (depending on the number of new registrations).

c. How do I use a referral bonus?

Referral bonus commonly takes the form of monetary reward. In this aspect, the fund will be credited to the player’s account. The player can proceed to gamble normally until the point of payout is reached. In order to execute actual payout, most casinos will require the players to fulfill certain wagering requirements before withdrawal is authorized.

d. Can a referral bonus be used on any game?

It depends on the casino. Some casinos may only restrict the bonus to be usable in selected games. Hence, the bonus is otherwise unusable in games which are not covered by the incentive.

e. How do referral bonuses work?

The player will receive an unique link or referral code, which can be used to identify the player’s identity. In subsequence, the player’s friends must register at the online casino using the unique link or input the referral code. 

The system will register any potential earnings based on the usage of the link or code. Any monetary reward (fixed amount of bonus or a percentage of the new player’s first deposit) will be credited to the player’s account.
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