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CL88 is a popular gaming casino with a list of more than 100 amusements. Since its inception as an active player in the gambling industry, CL88 has offered its customers high-quality service.

CL88 Online Casino In Malaysia
CL88 Online Casino In Malaysia

CL88 is succeeding in countries across Asia, with a considerable percentage of its audience based in Malaysia's online casino. Because they are accustomed to the strict laws and regulations controlling the gambling sector in that country, making them fully licensed gambling corporations.

CL88 Online Casino Malaysia Review

Speculation and probability are the two main intrinsic drives that have always been an inseparable part of civilized antiquity. Taking the risk is instilled in human DNA. Gambling activities and methods are found in human lives long before organized betting.

Therefore, the need for a casino and a wager was always needed. Human beings eventually find a way to fulfill their desire, so they find a way in the context of gambling to satisfy the urge of taking the risk in a safe and enjoyable environment. CL88 Online Casino Malaysia is a perfect platform to quench the thirst of gambling and probability entertainment.

CL88 provides:

  • State-of-the-art technology.
  • Fast payment processes.
  • A wide variety of games for players to choose from.


The CL88 website is fully functional, easy to access, and user-friendly. It is invented to provide online entertainment and casino services enjoyably. The navigation throughout the website is very easy. Layout of the website is specially designed for the lively people who often visit casinos.

 The website of this online casino Malaysia is all about providing fancies of a casino shenanigans right in front of you on your mobile screens wherever you are. Each tab provided at the website contains complete information. It is a lightweight website that goes easily with mobiles, tabs, iPads and other devices.


Mobile players can comfortably use any mobile devices' smartphones, tablets, iPad, iPhones and log into your account to play their favorite games easily at remote places. Mobile applications for Android and Apple are available on the website.

  • There is a hovering download panel in the extreme left of the page that contains tabs for android, apple, and other mobile operating softwares.
  • You can also download the app by simply going to the tab that says mobile in the list where all tabs are visible.
  • Now go to the tab that says Funds deposit the money.
  • Roll your money in different games. For example, play a slot machine a couple of times so that you can claim the bonus.

Step 5: Go to the Promotion tab, claim your bonuses, and do not forget to roll your money three times before your claim.

Available Games

The number of games and the quality of services the CL88 offers are remarkable. They thoroughly entertain their customers. The games catalog features slots, table games, live dealer games, sports betting, and others.

CL88 Casino has loads of casino games to provide its players with an unparalleled gaming experience, the quality of games is also unmatchable, as they all come from leading software providers. Moreover, this online casino Malaysia keeps adding more and more games to its library to ensure that the players never get bored of playing.

Customer Support

Customer service on this platform is top-notch. You get an immediate response each time you submit feedback, complaint, or concern on the website. The complaints launched on the portal get resolved within 24 hours. There are several methods to approach the customer care people if the chat support is not working.

  • Facebook: Their FB page is always there to get to know like-minded people and the community of CL88 online casino Malaysia. You can learn many things from already players. You will also get to know what is the latest in the casino world.
  • Telegram: The telegram messenger option is also there for telegram users; they can easily communicate, launch complaints, share concerns, and put up the concerns.
  • Hotline: There is a dedicated hotline number provided on the chat support window only for the customers. Suppose you need an urgent resolution for something, or you might need a rapid answer to the query. In that case, you can always call their hotline, and the support people will help you out.
  • Whatsapp: They have also provided a whatsapp number so that their users can chat with them at their convenience. If you find any difficulty in signup or login, deposit or withdrawal, website or application, Whatsapp is always there. So is the solution to your problem.

How to sign up for CL88?

To start using the CL88, one of the best online casinos in Malaysia, visit the official website: Then, register for an account by filling the question areas correctly. When everything has been confirmed, you are ready to start betting. To participate in bet games, you would have to fund your account.

  • Click on that tab that says join, and you will see a grid asking a few questions. Fill each area accordingly. The first three pieces of information are must fill. The fourth one is about affiliates. It means if someone has referred you here who is already a member, you can mention the name.
  • If you are new to the website and do not know anyone, you can leave the space.
  • Hit the join tab at the end, and you will reach the second part of the form.
  • In the second grid, you need to put some more authentic information to complete the process. Remember the username and password as they will be required next time you want to log in and access your favorite games.
  • It would be best to write your full name, email address, contact details, the currency you will be using, and captcha.
  • Once you are done, click on the register tab.
  • By clicking the REGISTER button, you acknowledge that you are above 18 years old and have read and accepted the terms & conditions.
  • All the information you provide must be valid and functioning.

How To Log-in CL88?

You must have selected a user name and a strong password to prevent hacking; that is all you need to log in. Write the user name, then put the correct password, and you are good to go. Now you can easily navigate through the website and enjoy your favorite games.

Which banks does CL88 support?

All the banks and credit cards, debit cards, and E-Wallets are supported and acceptable at CL88. For example:

  • Maybank
  • CIMB
  • Digi
  • RHB
  • Hong Leong Bank

How to withdraw money CL88?

For withdrawals, it is advisable to use the bank withdrawal option, or you can use any other payment platform for a bit of service charge fee. Before a withdrawal can be made, a player's deposit and bonus balance must be rolled back three times.

 The CL88 Casino charges no fees for deposits and withdrawals; it is entirely free. All of the stakes and earnings are shown on the homepage. Although there are some rules and regulations, please go through them before making withdrawals.

  • The minimum withdrawal is 50RM.
  • Please log in to the Member Center.
  • Select the appropriate withdrawal method from the "Withdrawal" page, and then fill out the withdrawal form.
  • CL88 online Casino offers 24 hours cash withdrawal service for all members.
  • After the deposit must fully bet or can not apply for withdrawal, the user needs to deposit.
  • Online Casino CL88 provides a seven × 24-hour round-the-clock ATM service.
  • ICBC withdrawals will be credited within 2 hours after successful application.
  • Other bank withdrawals will be credited within 24 hours after successful application and free of all handling charges.
  • All sent to do a no trace of the deal, and please rest assured that use.

 How to send money to CL88?

Payment methods are usually limited but are adequately efficient. For example, you can easily make a bank transfer for all deposit transactions, online payment using your preferred online banking platform, or a credit card transfer. Withdrawals and deposits are free of charge.

Step 1: Go to the funds tab.

Step 2: Fill out the form according to your payment method. Debit or credit card or a bank account setup.

Step 3: You can also instruct to change the payment method and switch according to your convenience.

Step 4: You can also pay from the bank deposit directly. For example, you can deposit cash in any bank that supports the CL88 casino. Please fill out the deposit slip, Give it to the cash counter, and the cashier will give you the receipt for it.

Promotions at CL88

When a new member signs up with CL88 online casino Malaysia, the user gets a considerable amount of bonuses and promotions.

welcome bonus cl88

A welcome bonus

Once the member gets to register and deposit funds in the account, there is a bonus of the same and equivalent amount of the member's deposit. For example, a new member registered for the first time and deposited 100 RM. There will be a 100RM bonus in the account, but you have to roll it at least three times before making a withdrawal.

Slot daily bonus

The CL88 online casino Malaysia offers an exclusive for all players actively playing slot machine games. Although the members need to deposit into their gaming wallets first to receive their existing slot daily bonuses. This bonus improves a player's skills in various slot machine games.

Services Provided at CL88

Following are the services provided by CL88 online casino Malaysia.

A.   Live casinos

They have a wide range of offline and online casino players in Malaysia. The audience gets to play live casino games like XPG, Roulette, traditional poker, Sic Bo, and a host of other games.

B.   Sportsbook

The love for the Football game is a worldwide phenomenon. At CL88 online casino, lovers of soccer or basketball are also welcomed, and CL88 tries so that the fans do not miss anything out. The members can put a bet on an ongoing game and increase the chance of winning cash while enjoying watching the game.

 The list of games available with CL88 online casino Malaysia is long and cover almost all the popular games

  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Badminton
  • Table tennis
  • Football
  • Rugby
  • Golf
  • Snooker

C.   Slot games

Like every other gambling platform, CL88 online casino Malaysia offers a wide range of slot machine games. A retreat into the Cowboys Gold, Wild west Gold or a run into the jungle with Monkey madness will make your heart racing once you get involved in the games and strive to win.

D.   Lottery

Multiple variants of Keno, Sic Bo, Lotto Lucky, and many other lottery games are available at this online casino Malaysia. Mobile apps are the best choice to play the online lottery if you're always on the go. You can purchase a lottery ticket either by your number combination or make the system pick a random number for you. There is a usual minimum and maximum amount of purchase involved. There are also times when it depends on the game and the jackpot prize.

Is CL88 a scam?

The online and offline live casino in Malaysia is legal under some law and enforcement agencies. It is allowed to play online casino games in Malaysia. Therefore, CL88 online casino Malaysia is not a scam and entirely legal. It is trusted because It keeps the financial and personal information of players safe and secure from hackers.


Q: Was CL88 captured and collapsed?

A: No! The CL88 is fully functional and has been serving the online casino industry for a very long time. It is a rumor spread by the competitors.

Q: What to do when CL88 fails? Maintenance (inaccessible)?

A: The customer service of CL88 online casino Malaysia is always there and ready to help you with any inconvenience. Kindly feel free to launch complaints and feedback. The customer service people are welcoming and problem solvers.

They provide complete information and guidance to the new user. You can communicate with them in your preferred language like English, Malay, and Cantonese as well.

Q: Is it safe to play at CL88?

A: CL88 has the best security measure for player's data protection and their transactions. This is because the CL88 uses the best method of encryption.

Q: What to do when CL88 withdrawals are delayed?

A: You can always get in touch with the customer services available 24 hours on the website. You can launch the complaint, or they can guide you better if the following are applicable.

The possible reasons may be:

  • Foul play.
  • Under 18 users.
  • Incorrect account information was provided at the time of registration.
  • It may also be a bank link down.

Q: What is a CL88 dealer? Who should join?

A: A casino dealer is appointed at a gaming table to assist in the conduct of the game. A dealer is responsible for distributing bets and payouts, distributing cards, and acting as a player in the dealer position.

Another known name for a dealer is the croupier. They are also casino employees and mainly deal with extra cashback reserves during the gaming session for a player. A dealer or a croupier is also responsible for collecting money from the table.

Anyone with good English and native language speakers could be a good casino dealer. The mental calculation, vigilant personality, and appealing character are all you need to join a casino.

Q: In which countries is the CL88 available? Which language is supported?

A: The CL88 online casino and games are available worldwide where the online casino is legal and allowed for the government like Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Japan, USA, Canada, etc. The supported language for online casino Malaysia is English worldwide. Perhaps you can choose to get support in the Malaysian and Cantonese languages as well.

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