Guide For How Casino Make Money? Best Online Casino Malaysia

Online casino Malaysia is often given the short end of the stick for suspicion on authenticity of win real money payout. In reality, online casino can just be as reputable as land-based casinos. The players can participate in casino games for real money and payout is guaranteed. Articles below will explain what is casino online and how casino make money?

Guide For How Casino Make Money?

How casino make money in Online Casino Malaysia?

How casino make money? A casino is never a charitable business, it exists to make money. While each casino have its own methods to generate revenue, there are some universal mechanics applied in land-based and online casinos. It accomplishes this through these below:

The handle

The handle refers to the amount of money bet placed by the players. Handle is unlike drop because drop refers to any money or credit which is traded for chips. For games like craps, all players will put their money bets on the handle, and the handle will be made up of real money or chips. There are only two outcomes on what could happen to the bets - the players win the bet and part ways with the casino or the player loses it and the casino keeps its share. 

House edge

The house always wins because of the house edge that provides extra statistical advantage for the casino to walk away with a bigger share of money. When the player places a bet, it’s always a gamble because in most games, house edge is the reason why casino always win. How much money the casino makes depends on the payout to players in which the casino will keep the remainder. Games of higher difficulty usually provide a higher house edge to the casino for higher likelihood of keeping players’ bets. 


Comps are bonuses given to players for new registrations or because they spent a big sum of money at the casino. It acts as a reward or incentive for players who are regular patrons for selected games as a sign of goodwill. Comps can be presented in the form of physical prizes like airline tickets or virtual ones such as extra percentage of payout, Players are usually required to sign up for membership like slot club card for casinos to keep track of participation frequency.

Due to the intervention of house odds, players are likely to lose more and this creates profits for the casino. Therefore, comps are good to encourage players to spend more. 

For players: Which game is best to beat house edge?

Which game is best to beat house edge?

When know about how casino make money, next understanding house edge is like making sense of how casino chips are made, it is complex and sometimes appears to lack utility. However, should the player be able to grasp the concept of house edge and spot games with low edges, they can walk away as winners. These games below are recommended for low house edge:


The game is renowned for its low house edge at 1.5%. Arguably the most popular game for players because the chances of winning is high. There are also allegations that the house can drop even lower to below 1% with basic strategy. However, application of strategy requires strong understanding of mathematics to manage expectations. The player needs to plan their moves wisely to win in this table game.


The game requires zero skills. The player is only required to place a bet on one of these options: don’t pass bet, the come bet, and the don’t come bet. All these bets have house edges lower than 1.4%. In addition, odd bets have no house edges. The relatively low house edge of the game leaves the field clear for the players to sweep it clean with some luck. As it is a game of prediction, craps is attractive for players who want a stress-free experience with higher chances to win.


The house edge of slots ranges between 1%-15%. How casino slot machines work is that payout is made for matching correct symbols on payline. Chances to win can be increased by placing bets on multiple paylines. The simple mechanics also is a big pull factor for players of all skill levels to interact with slots.

Some players may ponder which casino has the loosest slots, but this is hard to answer because the probability of payline outcomes in land-based casino may vary according to the types of machine. Furthermore, slots in online casino are influenced by Random Number Generator (RNG) which makes the prediction almost impossible.


This game is well-known in online casinos and it does require some skills which are more to motor and sensory coordination than strategy competency. It’s a game of acute observation to hit targets and score multipliers plus bonuses. This game is unlike other table games and the house edge varies greatly according to the varieties. On the other hand, it plays like a fun video game with low minimum bets which makes it an all-time crowd favourite.

Are casino winnings taxable in Singapore?

Are casino winnings taxable in Singapore?

Short answer - no. Players who love the glitz and glamour of Marina Bay Sands Casino will be delighted to know that casino winnings in Singapore are not taxable. This approach is also adopted by the authorities in Malaysia. Players can keep all their winnings with tax legal troubles.

The winnings from land-based gambling activities are considered as windfalls, not actual incomes. Therefore, they are not taxable by the government. As online gambling is largely unregulated, there is also no taxation on winnings for Singaporean and Malaysian players.

Last thoughts: Winning money against all odds

Like all businesses, how casino make money to sustain themselves is one of our interesting part. However, unlike most businesses, the casinos’ profits are derived from players’ losses. The house always wins because it has to in order to provide its service to the patrons - this is just how casino make money. Not all players will leave the table with winnings but there are also victors for those who play it right with the smart mindset.

The players should attempt to bet on games with low edges until they are ready to graduate to games with higher difficulty levels. High risk games are also high on rewards and this makes gambling such as an exciting activity to keep players coming back.

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