How to Play Keno online Malaysia? Types and Guide

There’s no casino game quite like keno. Zero skills required, and nearly everyone can play, the game promises excitement and great payout for the players. If you want to learn about different types of keno and also the ways on how to play keno, then you better read this article.

Backstory of keno

The origins of keno can be traced back to China. During the Han dynasty, Chinese general Cheung Leung invented the game out of desperation to finance the country during war times. The game first used 120 characters of the Thousand Character Classic to create a betting game a.k.a Chinese lottery. It was found to garner enough success that the funds raised were used to finance the construction of the Great Wall of China. It was also known as the Great White Pigeon Game as pigeons were used as dispatch to deliver results of the game.

Online Keno Malaysia

Thanks to the migration of mainland Chinese labourers to the USA for industrialization projects, the game was introduced to Americans. The Chinese characters were eventually replaced by numbers so that non-Chinese individuals could play too. The association to white pigeons was also dropped as each number was assigned with a specific horse - hence the new name ‘’Horse race keno’’.

When horse race tracking was considered a taxable form of gambling in the 1960s, the casinos evaded the taxation and renamed it as ‘’keno’’ as we know today. With the growth of Internet and online casino Malaysia, keno made its way to the Lion City. A popular stress-free game compared to others, it’s found almost everywhere as one of the best online casino games in Malaysia.

The Many Faces of Keno

Throughout the ages, the people who loved keno have added their own interpretations and new twists were introduced. While the game is relatively straightforward, avid gamers were still able to create variations loved by Malaysian and others elsewhere in online casino Malaysia.

Straight Tickets

Straight Tickets

This is the most classic form of keno. The player is permitted to choose how many numbers they want to bet. The more numbers they choose, the more they have to bet. The probability of winning also gets lower with the higher number of selected numbers (unless you are feeling lucky). At the same time, if you hit all the numbers, you’ll walk away with a big win,

Split Tickets

Keno Split tickets

Split tickets are the 2-in-1 version of straight tickets. The player essentially plays two straight tickets in this mode. One ticket will be divided between the numbers you will bet twice. However, there is a catch whereby the players are not allowed to select the same numbers in separate bets. This game is suitable for players who want convenience.

Way Tickets

Way tickets

An advanced form of keno suitable for experienced players. The player can combine tickets in any way, in a straight or way bet. Bets can be placed on different groups of numbers, Subsequently, the player can choose to combine them with some, or all of the others for betting. Example - you are betting on 3, 4, 6 series of numbers, so you can choose to combine 3 and 4, 3 and 6, 4 and 6, or all of them. 

Why is Keno Popular in Malaysia?

Here are some of the reason why online keno is so popular in Malaysia, such as:

Great simplicity

Keno takes less effort than slot games that require coordination, yet more exciting than lottery scratch cards. The players can only get 1 chance to win with scratch cards, but the odds are multiplied in keno - regardless if it’s straight, split, or combination tickets. It’s devised with simplicity to attract players yet thrilling to offer a chance to win a life-changing sum of money. No surprise why players, or even non-gamblers are intrigued by the allure of keno.

Risks are low and flexible

Whether you are a newcomer to Malaysia online casino or just looking for stress-free quick play, keno is a low risk game that suits nearly everyone. Straight tickets are simple and you can determine how many numbers are selected. The lower the numbers chosen, the lower the amount of losses (if not selected). In the same breath, the player has high agency to gamble according to their bankroll.

Wide availability

Keno is as recognizable as slot machines. As one of the best online casino games in Malaysia, the game is ever present in the digital realm that never sleeps. In instances where an individual is forced to stay indoors during a pandemic, the player can go online and play keno. Long gone are the days where you need to commute to Sentosa or Marina Bay Sands, because now there's an online casino.

Slower pace of play

Owing to its low risk mechanics, the game is least likely to yield profitable earnings to physical casinos. However, a classic game like keno will never truly disappear thanks to its established popularity. Unlike other games where players can easily find slots or tables to participate in, keno is organized from every few minutes to once a day. This gives the players a buffer period to contemplate on their gambling budget and strategies - which is valuable to enter the game with a clear, sensible mind.

How to Play Keno?

If you are a beginner of keno player, you should read the keno guide infographic below which provided you the overview of how to play keno game in Malaysia.

Keno Guide Infographic

Keno Guide Infographic
  • Get your keno card from the Malaysia online casino or physical casino
  • Consider how the amount of your bet
  • Think about how many numbers you will select from the pool of 1-80. Numbers can also be randomly selected for you in online casinos.
  • Normally 20 numbers will be selected by the casino to determine the winning numbers. Online casinos may draw a bigger lot of numbers.

Your payout will depend on the matching numbers you have. You don’t need to match all 20 numbers to win. On average, the players will normally score 3-9 numbers (depending on your luck!).

Pro tips:

  1. New beginners should select a small lot of numbers to cut potential losses.
  2. Search for online casinos with better payouts. 
  3. Look for opportunities to say for free to get familiar with keno.

Should you play keno?

Keno is a game loved by ordinary ancient Chinese citizens, and the joy is shared by modern Malaysian too. The skills required to play keno are far lower than blackjack and poker. With that said, keno provides a nice change of pace from the other intense games. Not only is it relatively low risk and stress-free, keno is arguably the one of the best online casino games in Malaysia. Listen to your instincts, pick the numbers, and watch your predictions come true.

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