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There are lots of gambling websites today. However, there are only a few that most consumers use. One of them is Allbet.

If you have been in the gambling industry for a long time, you understand there is no equality. We are always facing different adversities in the online realm. And it doesn't even matter the game you are playing, where you are, or how much money you put in.

Some regions have seen a surge in the number of online casino providers. The pandemic is one of the factors that have fueled this situation further. Asia is one such region.

So, if you are going to enjoy Allbet games, you need to choose the right provider. In this case, that would be Acewin8.

Read on for more information on AW8 and Allbet.

As stated above, there are so many online casinos in the world today. This leaves many to wonder which ones they should choose.

The answer lies in the reputation of these sites. You need a platform that you can fully trust to offer the best services. And that is where AW8 comes in.

Many Malaysians view it as a trusted online casino 2022. In this brief review, we look at three primary aspects that make a good online casino and where AW8 stands.

a) The game portfolio

As this industry changes, consumers are always looking for something new. A good online casino should therefore offer a wide variety of games.

AW8 works with the most reputable software providers. You will find all the games from top studios on this platform. This is one of the factors that make it a trusted online casino Malaysia. The site parks everything from slots to roulette to blackjack, to 3D video games, and much more.

b) Ease of use

AW8 is focused on offering gamers the most convenient access. That’s why the site has a simple interface. If you are looking for a certain game, simply click on the provider from the navigation bar. The games are categorized into poker, slots, 3D video games, live casino, and several others.

That’s not all, it’s compatible with mobile gaming. Hence, players can log in from anywhere and at any time.

c)  Bonuses

AW8 has one of the most advanced bonus structures. There is a chance to win in every corner of the site.

A new customer gets a welcome bonus of up to 150%. From here, you can win daily prizes and other amazing bonuses.

Best Allbet Live Casino Games Casinos Malaysia 2022

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150% Welcome Bonus, Get Up to 1,200 MYR!
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Who Is Allbet and What Do They Do?

Allbet is an online casino software developer based in Asia. It’s one of the most used gambling sites so far. It’s not a new name to many Malaysians who have been playing their games for years.

The company was founded in 2014 by a Malaysian group. With such vast experience, Allbet stands as one of the best online casino pioneers.

More than ten years on the market and over 100 employees is enough to earn it a good spot at the top. It’s designed with super amazing features that will always offer something more.

The Allbet casino Malaysia platform is made to suit all players. Whether you are new or have been gambling for a long time, there is something for you here.

All Bet online casino promises a huge game portfolio. The company has been making new games from time to time, and that means you will never get bored.


To become the most reliable source for online casino software and other digital gaming products. The company has been working hard to deliver the highest quality in its products.


Allbet aims to be the best provider of online gaming software in the world. They are built on the pillars of innovativeness and integrity.

Popular Live Casino Game Provided by Allbet

Download the Allbet app on your phone today and you will see so many games. We have picked the top three for you.

i. Baccarat

Baccarat is a game well known to the whole world. Visit any online casino and you will not miss it. In this game, actions take place quite fast. A player simply puts their wager on the results.

There are several cards, like 9 that can earn you good winnings. But there are also others, like King, Queen, and Jack which have no value.

ii. Roulette

With Allbet download, players can enjoy roulette from anywhere and at any time. Roulette finds its name from a French word that means ‘little wheel.’ And it’s a casino with a wheel. Players choose either a single number, color red or black, odd or even, low or high, or a group of numbers.

You win when the ball lands on the number you chose. Winners get their payout immediately.

iii. Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a simple dice game that is famous in Asia. The game is entirely based on chance, but very easy to play. A player simply needs to place their chips on a bet box at the table.

When the dice are rolled, you can wait for the outcome. There are a variety of possible bets with attractive pay lines.

What Are the Top 3 Reasons to Use Allbet?

There are several reasons Allbet Malaysia is a popular gambling site. Here are the top three:

i. Security

Allbet Casino has invested heavily in the security of the platform. Creating an Allbet login account is safe and secure. The company is licensed by reputable licensing authorities.

ii. A wide collection of games

It’s perhaps the variety of games that attracts many consumers to this site. Play live roulette, live Sic Bo, Live Dragon Tiger, and many other games from the comfort of your home. All games are compatible with mobile devices, so you don’t have to worry about accessibility.

iii. Easy to play games

Some online casino games can be quite complex. Such products do not encourage a lot of customers. Allbet is dedicated to creating the easiest games. It will not take you long to learn any of them.

What Promotions and Bonuses Do Allbet Offer?

Allbet live casino offers many amazing promotions and bonuses. First, you get a 50% welcome bonus. This offer can help you play more even if you don’t have enough money.

Then, there is a daily 5% reload bonus. Transfer at least MYR 50 into your wallet and you can unlock this reward.

The Allbet demo account lets you play free games. Use these offers to learn how different games work and how you can win easily.

Tips to Win in Allbet’s Live Casino Games

Tips 1: Read reviews 

The Allbet Casino review section is designed to help you more about different games. It displays stats and other information for your benefit. Take advantage of them.

Tips 2: Play the games you are comfortable with 

Some games pay better than others. This can force some gamblers to take wrong choices. Pick a few games and focus on perfecting your skills in them. No matter how much they pay, you would be more comfortable playing what you know.

Tips 3: Learn from others

Join a club. These are groups that play games together and share ideas on how to play. It can be your best opportunity to increase your winning chances. Make sure you find the right group though.

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