How to pay with Bank Transfer Payment to play online casino malaysia

bank transfer payment method

Bank transfers are the OG (original) payment method that was used around the online casino Malaysia industries since its creation. While there are many different payment methods found these days, bank transfer remains as one of the most used payment methods in many online casinos around the world. 

Here’s a guide on the things you should know about this payment method so that you will learn more about its perks and advantages.

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What is bank transfer casino online Malaysia

What is bank transfer casino online Malaysia
Bank transfer is a good choice of payment method that players around the world use to make deposits and withdrawal in online casinos. Bank transfer is very popular around the world due how easy it is to make transfers and how efficiently the money can be transferred to other accounts and online casino accounts.

How to Deposit at Bank Transfer Casino Sites

Want to learn how to make deposits in online casinos using bank transfers? Just follow these simple steps and complete your transaction.
  • Step 1. Log into your account or register at a preferred online casino.

  • Step 2. Head to the deposit page on the site and click on the “bank transfer” option to proceed to make a deposit using this payment method.

  • Step 3. Choose your preferred bank and input an amount for deposit.

  • Step 4. Click the “deposit” button and you will be lead to your internet bank account

  • Step 5. Complete the verifications and complete the transaction for the deposit to be successful.

  • Step 6. Your deposit amount will reflect on the account by 1 hour.

How to Withdraw Money With Bank Transfer

When it comes to withdrawal, bank transfer can be a good and reliable choice for players. This however will depend on how urgent players would like to get their money. This is because withdrawals using the this payment method will reflect on the player's account after 2-5 working days.

This time depends fully on the bank of choice and if players insert their details correctly. Incorrect input of personal details when withdrawing can put your withdrawal on hold and delay the process. So it's important for players to give correct information and answer all the questions that the customer service officer might have.

Advantages for choosing Bank Transfer payment methods

Advantages and Disadvantages  for choosing Bank Transfer payment methods

Can be used internationally

Bank transfers are a great choice for players from overseas to play in a local casino or for local players that are playing in overseas online casinos. This is because this payment method are accepted internationally, so players can transfer their money into accounts easily.

Safe and secure

The most understood advantage of this payment method are the security that it gives, Players can whole-heartedly trust bank transfers as they know its from a reliable source. This payment method have very high security clearance that it will put players at ease.

Easily accessible

Bank transfers are one of the easiest payment method according to many online casino players. This is because, everyone have a valid bank account and most people are already using internet banking, so players wouldn’t need to go out of their way do open anything extra.

Disadvantages for choosing Bank Transfer payment methods

High fees

These fees mostly apply to players that make international bank transfers. According to the bank itself, many banks charge players with extra fees when they make transfers. Depending on the amount of transfers made, the transfer fee may be for some players

Slower withdrawal and deposit speed

This is one of the main reasons why online casino players opt for different payment methods. Bank deposits and withdrawals can take from 2 working days up to weeks depending on the withdrawal amount and efficiency.

Slow procedure

This payment method are tied to many procedures that players would need to complete. Any slight difference in the information that the bank has and on the casino’s side, player’s money may get stuck until the problem is solved.


In conclusion, bank transfer is a good choice of online casino payment method for players who like stable and secure methods. Other than being secure, this payment method is a great choice for players from overseas or would like to make a transfer from an overseas bank.

If you have decided that bank transfers are the way to go, do check out the online casino IVIP9 as they are currently offering a special bonus for players that use this payment method for deposit and withdrawal.


a. Do casinos do bank transfers?

Yes. Most online casinos accept bank transfers as a payment method. This is mainly because this payment method are relatively easy and hassle free for both parties, the players and the casinos. So many online casinos encourage their players to use this mode of payment.

b. How long does a bank transfer take from an online casino malaysia?

Bank transfers can take from somewhere around 1-5 working days for the withdrawal process. The deposit process on the other hand would be relatively faster than this as it involves much less processing to do. So if all information is submitted correctly and in detail, you can expect your withdrawal in 1-3 days.

c. How do I bank transfer money to a casino?

Making a bank transfer to an online casino is easier than you think. Firstly, you would need to choose an online casino that offers a this payment service as a mode of payment. 

To make a payment, simply click on the “deposit” sign and choose the bank transfer and process to follow the steps to make a deposit. Your deposit should reflect on your account almost immediately.

d. Which countries accept bank transfer?

Almost all countries around the world accept bank transfers in online casinos. This includes all countries from Asia including Malaysia and Singapore. So you simply need to double check with the customer service to make sure on the timing for transactions done using this payment method.

e. Are Bank Transfers Safe?

Yes. In fact, bank transfers are one of the safest payment methods according to players around the world. This is because players wouldn’t need to give out any of their personal card information or any other sensitive information to use this service. This is also why this payment method is quite popular around the world.

f. Are there any extra fees to use bank transfers for online casinos?

No. Usually bank transfers don't require any extra fees. So players can go ahead and make several transfers to online casinos without any extra charges. This however doesn’t include if players are transferring using an international bank to an account of different country. (online casino that’s in a different country)
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