How to pay with Wpay Payment to play casino online

wpay payment method

Wpay is a fast growing mobile payment service that has been gaining popularity in online casinos. Despite being one of the newest in the industry, they are doing a good job to catch up other payment methods. Since the 2020s, this payment method has been making appearances in many online casinos. 

Explained below are further details on this payment method, frequently asked questions and everything else you would need to know.

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What is Wpay?

what is wpay
WPay is an upcoming mobile payment service that was only established in 2019. Despite being new in the industry, this mobile payment service has already been considered a good service that provides safe, reliable and dependable payment options that users can get access to using both the desktop or mobile devices.

This payment method has been used widely in central Asia and Malaysia, especially in online casinos in those countries. Users are able to make direct deposits or make purchases from their bank accounts directly in a perfectly safe environment.

As this payment method has been on the rise lately, it would be great for online casino players to learn more about them and know their advantages and disadvantages. This will give them a good idea on which payment method is suitable for them according to their needs and place.

How to Deposit at Wpay Casino Sites

To those who are looking to get into WPay and make a deposit using this payment method, you must first create an account. Creating an account under WPayis relatively easy and straightforward. Head to the Appstore or Playstore and download the app or you can just head to the website and register from there.

Players would need an active bank account to be tied in this WPayaccount. There are no other requirements other than this main requirement for this payment method. After creating an account under WPay, you can go ahead and make deposits in online casinos using WPayby following the steps listed below.

Firstly, make sure that your WPayaccount has enough money in it to make deposits. Log into your online casino account or register at a favourite online casino. After that, head to the deposit page and choose the option WPayand enter the amount that you would like to deposit. Then select the bank from the listed banks on the page.

It is essential that you make sure to reach the minimum deposit amount required as your deposit will not go through if you don’t. Click the “make payment” button and fill in all the necessary bank details for the payment transfer to be successful.

After that just wait for your account to reflect the deposit amount. It usually reflects almost immediately depending on the bank service you use.

How to Withdraw Money With Wpay Payment

Withdrawing using this payment method is also very easy. Players that wishes to withdraw using WPay worry not as its simple and straightforward. Click on the “cashier/withdaw” button on the site to start your withdrawal process.

Once you’ve selected that option, select the “WPay” option and enter in the amount that you would like to withdraw from your casino account. Choose a bank that you would like to transfer this money to and enter your bank details to complete the transaction. You will be able to withdraw the money after 2 working days minimum.

Advantages For choosing Wpay payment methods

Advantages and Disadvantages For choosing Wpay payment methods


It’s a safe option for players who would like to add an extra protection layer on their bank transactions to online casinos. This payment method does not store any of your sensitive banking information.

No extra fees

Unlike other e-wallets or payment methods, WPay is a payment choice that doesn’t have any extra fees. So players will be able to make multiple deposits and withdrawals everyday without any extra charges.

Great for Asian players

Since this payment method is very popular among Asian online casinos, it will be easier to find online casinos that offer this payment method.

Fairly fast cash out time

Players that likes fast deposit and withdrawals will love this payment method as the cash in and cash out timing is pretty fast.

Disadvantages For choosing Wpay payment methods

Might not be available everywhere

Since this payment method is still upcoming, it might not be available in all countries. So players would need to double check to make sure that the online casino the like is offering this payment method.

Has a withdrawal limit

While this is not really a big advantage. There are many players that prefer to withdraw their winnings at once, so this can be a big hassle for them to have to come back every day to withdraw according to the set limit.


In short, WPayis a very good option for players from Malaysia and Singapore as there are many online casinos that offer this payment method. Other than that, many banks in these countries support this payment method. So it will be easy for players to use this payment method without any hassle.

For players looking for a suitable online casino that offers this payment method, you could check out IVIP9. Other than a long list of payment methods to choose from, they house one of the largest collections of casino games that players can choose from including sports betting and live casinos.


a. Do casinos do Wpay Payment?

Yes and no. This is an upcoming payment method that has been gaining a lot of attention in central Asia and Malaysia. So players from this country will be able to find online casinos with this payment method, but players from a different country might find it difficult.

b. How long does Wpay Payment take from an online casino malaysia?

Wpay works similarly to a bank transfer, so the transfer timings of the payments are also relatively same. Online casino deposits may reflect almost immediately to maximum an hour. Withdrawal on the other hand, may take from 2-8 working days depending on the bank you’ve chosen and the casino itself.

c. How do I Wpay Payment transfer money to a casino?

To make a Wpay transfer, you must first have a Wpay account. Download the app and open up an account. After that, head to the deposit page on the online casino and chooe the option “Wpay''. Continue to fill up your banking details after choosing a preferred bank to complete the transaction.

d. Which countries accept Wpay Payment?

There are no fixed numbers on the countries that accept Wpay as it is still very new on the market and is still growing internationally. This payment method is however very popular in central Asia and Malaysia. So players from these countries will cross this payment method more.

e. Are Wpay Payment Safe?

Yes. Wpay is perfectly safe and secure to be used. So players wouldn’t need to worry about their security being leaked as the site and the app doesn’t store players banking details.

f. Which online casinos still accept Wpay payment?

As players know now , this payment method is very popular in Asian countries. So it is relatively easy to find an online casino that offers this payment method. Among the many online casinos out there, there were some of our personal favourites AW8, IVIP9, UEA8ET, JACK998 and GCWIN99.

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