How to play Roulette from A-Z to help you win big bets

Roulette is a game of luck. But a few tricks up your sleeve can help you increase your odds of winning. Read our guide play roulette to start betting and winning.

With the internet’s advancement, online gaming has become very famous. Almost every household has a computer or a device with an internet connection. 

Moreover, due to the COVID-19 restrictions on physical casino gameplays at the moment, gamblers have found solace in online gambling.


However, this doesn’t mean that online gaming wasn’t an option before 2020 and 2021. People have been playing online games for the past few decades. Furthermore, new gamblers have found attraction in online casinos to play various games.

These games include poker, blackjack, roulette, and many more. Playing casino games, especially roulette, can be fun as long as you are playing it responsibly. We have assembled this guide play roulette for our gamblers.

The genius French inventor, mathematician, and physicist Blaise Pascal was the one who made one of the most beloved casino games of all time: Roulette. In the beginning, he was working on creating a perpetual motion machine.

But, since that wasn’t possible, he succeeded in inventing the “Wheel Game” called roulette. The history of roulette shows that it was played in Paris first in 1796. However, the early roulette wheels had both a single zero and a double zero.

In 1843, two Frenchmen created a roulette having a single zero wheel to help casinos attract more gamblers. Having a lower house edge always benefits the business. After that, roulette became successful and also arrived in America.

In the late 1700s, New Orleans became the major gambling attraction in the USA. With the help of French immigrants, roulette became one of the most played games in Louisiana. Roulette comes in other variants.

In the online market, you will find different roulette versions and can play according to your preferences.

In this guide play roulette, we will cover everything you need to know about this online casino game. So, without further ado, let us get started

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What is Roulette?

What is Roulette?

Roulette is a wheel game where the dealer spins the wheel after predicting where the dropped ball will land. There are three main variations of the game:

  • European
  • American
  • French

Every variant has slight differences, which every roulette player should know. That is not all! Other variations have also marked their presence in the online casino world. This increases the variety of games and the excitement of roulette more for the players.

When the wheel is spun, you have to place bets on the roulette board containing 37 or 38 numbers. The numbers depend on the version of the game you play and the different betting options.

This game doesn’t involve any serious skills. It is purely based on luck and chance. This means, even beginners have the opportunity to win some money

Where to play Roulette prestige

Out of the many online casinos, we present you the top three bookies of roulettes:

Why should you play roulette prestige on these sites?

Play Roulette on Jack998

a. Various Bonuses

They offer various promotions that give the players more bonuses and prizes. These sites offer various bonuses, including daily bonuses, birthday bonuses, weekend bonuses, cashback bonuses, and welcome bonuses, and so much more.

b. Top Casino Game

These sites are the top Malaysian casinos that the players are very fond of. They offer live roulette that intrigues and adds excitement to the gameplay.

c. Fantastic Customer Support

Their customer support is available at all times for the players. You can ask any question you have through their live chat support and email support system.

d. Variety Of Games

There isn’t only roulette on these sites. These sites are full of other games you can bet on. Jackpot, blackjack, baccarat, SIC Bo, book of myth, and many other games are also available.

The best Roulette sites

Finding a trustworthy online casino site is hard to find. This can become a hassle. To avoid all sorts of scammers and shady sites all over the internet, we have some of the best sites for you. Playing on these sites lets you experience smooth and colorful gameplay.

The best roulette sites are:

  • AW8
  • JACK998
  • GCWIN99

The graphics, colorful interface, and sound effects make it appealing and exciting for the players to play roulette. You can bet with a little as under a dollar to start your roulette game. There isn’t a doubt about the authenticity and reliability of these sites.

It is safe to say; you won’t have to face any scams with these sites. These sites are certified with local authorities to keep the player’s money safe. Plus, there are different versions of the roulette game available. You can choose according to your preferences.

How to play Roulette

Are you a true casino enthusiast who is looking a fully detailed of online roulette guide? If you are, then you have reached the right place. This infographic will explain to you the rules and types of roulette games in online casino Malaysia that you can play from.


In our guide play roulette, here are the basic five steps of playing this game:

  • Choose the roulette variant you want to play and pick your table.
  • Place your bet on the table.
  • After placing bets, the roulette wheel spinning starts.
  • The ball comes to a stop on one of the numbers on the wheel.
  • If you win, you will receive your winnings in the online casino account.

How to bet on Roulette?

To understand how the roulette table works, you need to know how to place bets on the table. There are three ways you can place bets depending on the online casino rules. However, not all the methods are used in all online casinos. These bets are:

i. Outside Bets

The first way to place a bet is to put your chips on the table based on the bet you are going to make. These are called the outside bets. They are pretty easy to understand as you only put the chips on the area you want to bet.

There are five different outside bets that you can make:

  • Red or black
  • Even or odd
  • 1 to 18
  • 19 to 46
  • Dozen bets and column bets

Moreover, players are more likely to win an outside bet. This is the best choice for roulette beginners who want a lower risk wager.

ii. Inside Bets

To place an inside bet, you place the chips on the number grid. In other words, you can bet on a single number by putting the chips directly on the number. You can also bet two numbers by putting a chip on the line that separates the two numbers.

Players can use this strategy to bet on any two numbers that touch side by side or one on top of the other. The typical inside bets include straight-ups, streets, splits, quints, squares, five number, and snakes.

These bets all offer greater payouts but are very risky. This means that the probability of winning an inside bet is low.

iii. Corner Bet

The third type of bet is the corner bet. You will have to place your chips on the intersecting lines that join four different squares as a player. A corner bet covers each of the four numbers whose corners meet at the intersection.

A corner bet has a chance of 10.80% of winning in French and European roulette and a 10.50% chance of the bet winning in American roulette. The payout you get for a successful corner bet is 8 to 1.

iv. Exotic Bets

Other exotic bets (a combination of different bets), including street bets, trios, and the six-line bet. But this doesn’t mean that you have to learn these bets to increase your odds of winning the game.

v. Announced Bet

There is also another bet called the announced bet. To place this bet, you don’t have to put your chips on the table. You can announce your bet to the dealer. Once the dealer verbally acknowledges your bet, you have to put the proper amount of money for the bet.

The announced bet is normally used for advanced betting strategies that cover wider sections of the boards.

Roulette rules

The basic roulette rules are:

  • The player has to place a bet on a specific spot on the table.
  • These bets should be placed before the dealer closes the betting session.
  • Dealer is the only one that pays the winning to the winner and touches the chips of the lost ones.
  • The player should never touch the marker of the winning number during any gameplay session.

The trick of playing Roulette always wins

There isn’t any specific bet or trick that ensures you will win the game at every cost. However, some tips and tricks increase your odds of winning the game. Follow these tips:

The trick of playing Roulette always wins

Tips 1: Practice Playing Before Betting an Actual Bet

Play free roulette games before you try to place a real bet. This will help you understand the various bets of the game. When you play for money, you won’t be playing without experience.

Tips 2: Make Outside Bets for Better Odds of Winning

The chances of winning outside bets are more than winning any other bets. So, focus on betting on outside bets. Although they won’t pay out more, they still will give you the wins to boost your confidence.

Tips 3: Observe Player’s Wagers and Look for Trends

Watch the croupier or the dealer, observe other player’s wagers, and check for wheel biases or numbers or sections where the ball falls repeatedly.


a. What game is a Roulette game?

Roulette is a wheel game where the player bets on the number the dropped ball lands on after the wheel stops spinning.

b. How to play Roulette? Is it difficult?

Roulette is a fairly easy game that depends purely on chance. You simply have to choose the online roulette variant and then pick the table. 

Then you place your bet(s) on the table. After that, you or the live dealer can spin the wheel. The ball comes to a stop on one of the numbers of the wheel. This decides if you have won or not.

c. How to play Roulette always win?

The best way to win more roulette games is to focus on the outside bets. This also helps you minimize the risk of losing money on the roulette wheel.

d. How many betting positions are there on the Roulette table?

You can bet on 36 or 37 roulette positions. The pockets are numbered from 0 to 36 or 0 to 35. In number, the ranges are 1 to 10 and 19 to 28, where even numbers are black and odd are red.

e. How can I read the result history of the play Roulette table?

The result history simply contains whether you have won the round of roulette or not. In online casinos, you will find a table showing every outcome of the rounds you have played.

f. Which reputable house should I play Roulette online?

In our guide casino and how to play roulette?, we mentioned AW8, JACK998, and GCWIN99 as the most reliable sources where you should play the game.

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