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How to Play Roulette - Step-by-Step Guide to Roulette Rules

How to play roulette? is the first question that comes to mind of a newcomer when he comes to the casino. The reason is simple: it is the most popular yet most speculation-filled game at the casino.

Roulette is a dynamic casino game that was equally popular when brick-and-mortar casino was a thing. Now when you have the privilege of online casinos, It is again on top of the list with all its variations and versions.

By the time the Roulette game, Roulette machine and the Roulette wheel have evolved so much. Still, it never lost the fame and interest of its players. Whether a player is seasoned or a novice.

Step by steps guide to roulette rules

Roulette is the game they want to play at any cost. It is like without playing Roulette, the visit to the casino is worthless. The game of Roulette has faced so many evolutionary stages while traveling around the world.

A new player can get confused because of different versions available at various online casinos.

As online casinos are rising high in Malaysia, every Malaysian Roulette player is enjoying Roulette online.

So, today we are going to cover each and every aspect of How and where to play roulette online for real money at online casino Malaysia. We will dive in depth to see the best way to play roulette machines online.

Whether you are playing for real money or free, we will tell you everything you want to know, so keep reading. Let’s start with the beginners! So that they know how to play roulette game.

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How to Play Roulette for Beginners?

How to Play Roulette for Beginners?
Here is the step by step guide to teach you how to play roulette and win:

Step 1: Choose a safe site first to play roulette online.

Step 2: Pick a roulette wheel or machine game that you like.

Step 3: Now you need to buy chips, each player gets a different color so the dealer knows who each bet belongs to.

Step 4: Now before the spin you have to decide on which number you want to place your bet.

Step 5: Normally when you visit a casino and can’t reach the table you just throw your bet to the dealer. While playing online it is not a problem here because you have the option to select your chip value, and click on the board to place your bets.

Step 6: When playing an RNG variant, you will then click spin and see the ball spin round the wheel until it comes to land on the winning number. Most roulette variations that you can find on the Internet are RNG.

Step 7: Spin the wheel, check the round result and repeat. That is how to play roulette online.

How to play roulette with cards: It is another variation of Roulette in which a wooden wheel with slots that hold playing cards spins.

38 cards on the wheel. The cards alternate between black and red suits. These cards are also numbered 1-36, 0, and 00 like an American Roulette.

Basic Rules of Roulette Online

Basic Rules of Roulette Online
The discussion below will explain how to play roulette table including how to play roulette casino:

The Roulette game consists of a wheel with various numbers and sections over a table. The areas on the wheel are of different colors and numbers. Every unit is either red or black.

The numbers on the wheel range from 1 to 36, alternately colored red and black. Another color that you can find on the wheel is green that is dedicated to number 0 only.

The 0 slot in every other version of Roulette is single except for American Roulette. In American Roulette, you will see two green zero pockets on the wheel. Like there is a 0 and 00 pocket on the wheel.

The roulette table is divided into two parts i.e. the inside bets and outside. The table always has a minimum bet that will always be the same for inside and outside bets. But there is one important difference.

How to Play Roulette Online for Real Money?

Fancy for seasoned players who are fond of placing bets with cash and want to enjoy the real charm of speculation is real money, Roulette. It just needs a sign-up and minimum deposit to continue playing for real money.

Inside Bets

When a player is betting on the inside he can spread the minimum bet amount over as many different bets as he wants. But when he bets on the outside every bet must have a minimum bet amount each.

You can also bet on the number that someone else has already bet on. By putting your chip right on top of theirs. You can put your bets on two, three or four numbers at a time.

Outside Bets

By far the most famous bet on the Roulette table is red or black. It pays even points or money. You can also bet on whether the number will be odd or even. It pays even money too.

You can bet on the first and second halves of the field to win even money too. Betting on the columns is a different way to bet on 12 numbers at a time. This is how to play roulette table.

Tips on how to play roulette

How to play roulette machine is possible online. The online casino Malaysia has several Roulette wheels and machines available online along with the live dealer table for the same.

How to play roulette machine and win is another concern you need to focus on if you have bet with your cash. Keep an eye on the hot and cold numbers of the day.

Hot numbers means most winning and cold numbers means least winning. Five numbers for each of them are available on the game table.

Payout and Odds of Roulette Online

If you want to know how to play roulette wheel you must know how it works. There are lots of ways of how to play roulette wheel and win.
  • If you place a bet on a single number and win it pays you 35 to 1.
  • You can also bet on two numbers at the same time. By putting your chip on the line between both the numbers. It;s called a split bet and it pays 17 to 1.
  • Betting on an entire row is called betting a street and pays you 11 to 1.
  • Betting on four numbers at a time is called corner and it pays 8 to 1.
  • You can also place your bet on 12 numbers at a time to win 2 to 1. On your bet.
  • In Roulette the casino has an advantage because of the green 0 on the wheel it is called house edge. All wagers lose when the ball lands on green (0).


a. How do you play basic rules in roulette?

The basic rules apply the same as how to play roulette at casino. Buy your chips, decide a value and place the bet on the number. Wait for the spin, see the results and then decide to continue or quit.

b. What is the trick to win roulette?

There is no one shot answer to how to play roulette strategy. The reason is it entirely depends on luck. However you can try your luck by observing which numbers are winning and which are losing on that day.

c. How do you score in roulette?

The score in the game depends upon how to play roulette to win. If you are playing for real money, you will get cash on winning. On the other hand, if you are playing it as a game, you will score higher every time you win according to the odds of the Roulette.

d. How many numbers are there in roulette?

  • Usually in Normal Roulette game variations there are 37 numbers 0-36
  • In American Roulette there are 38 numbers 1-36, 0, and 00.
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