The Best Casinos for Mobile Roulette in 2022

The truth about the origin of roulette is quite obscure. No one knows exactly when it started, although there are some who say it started around the 17th century. 

Or it could have been much earlier, based on the evidence that Roman soldiers did play it using chariot wheels.

The best mobile roulette 2022

Modern roulette was invented accidentally by a French mathematician called Blaise Pascal. The game has since gone through transformative ages to what we have today.

Technological advancement has brought us to roulette mobile. You can play the game on your mobile device from anywhere in the world.

Access to mobile roulette through sites like online casino Malaysia makes it even more interesting. We will be discussing more on this subject today.

Best Mobile Roulette Casinos Malaysia 2022

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The Best Casinos for Mobile Roulette in 2022

There are many casinos offering mobile roulette. However, not every online casino is trustworthy. The online world is full of bad actors, which is why players must be very careful.

The best mobile roulette casino should not only have the best games but be easy to access too. Crashing apps can be very disappointing.

Online Casino Malaysia is one of the most advanced sites for online roulette. Here, you will find all the best providers and incredible payouts.

Allowing gamblers to play roulette online using their mobile phones has made the classic casino game even more popular. There is a wide range of online games these days, which makes it easy for players to love and enjoy roulette.

Live roulette mobile applications bring the action right into your bedroom. And it all starts by picking the best roulette game and the right platform.

Perhaps the most important consideration when choosing a mobile roulette casino is its online reputation. You will always find information on what different customers are saying. One can find this information under the customer review section.

Top 3 Mobile Roulette Games

Top 3 Mobile Roulette Games

As stated above, there is no limit to the number of mobile roulette games out there. And a good mobile casino will have any roulette mobile game you want.

Here are the three most popular games you can try out today.

a) American Roulette Gold

American Roulette Gold is a version of the game released by Microgaming a few years ago. It stands as one of the top roulette games in the world today.

The game is simple, with a basic-looking design. It features a double-zero layout and 3D graphics to make it more interesting. 

Double zero means it has a wider variety of inside and outside bets. But there are no called bets on this game.

Because it’s an American variant, the Gold series lucks a racetrack with extra bets on the game. 

Also, you should not expect any special features aside from the normal features. Nevertheless, it promises a timeless feel that most players will find interesting.

b) VIP Roulette

VIP Roulette by Evolution Gaming is another part of a series of roulette games that have taken the world by storm. 

It gives players great satisfaction in playing online games with real money on their mobile phones. The interface is superb and straightforward, allowing players to control the angle of view.

The staff at Online Casino Malaysia will interact with you while in the game. This adds in an element of a real casino feeling. 

Betting options cater to all budgets and needs. And you never have to worry about constant app crashes playing VIP. It’s a game worth trying.

c) Low Stakes Roulette

Roulette has evolved into a game every gambler wishes to play. And Low Stakes Roulette is a variant that has attracted more players than any other. 

This game is not different from the standard European Roulette, only with lower table stakes and wagers. Players place their bets on different possible outcomes, such as spreads, color, and odd/even.

In Low Stakes Roulette, a dealer known as a croupier controls the table action. They spin the wheel in one direction as they roll the ball in the opposite direction. 

The ball lands on one of the 37 numbered and colored compartments, which will be the winning number. Its mobile version is no different as the same rules apply.

Real Money Mobile Roulette vs. Free Mobile Roulette

Real Money Mobile Roulette vs. Free Mobile Roulette

Sometimes roulette seems as, but it might not be so if you don’t know how to play it well. Even with the roulette mobile app, you still need to learn a few things.

And that brings us to real money mobile roulette and free mobile roulette. Which one should you pick?

If you are a beginner, it would be best to start with the free version. In this option, you don’t deposit real money, and hence, no worry about losing. It’s a great simulation for those who want to play for real money later.

Also, free mobile roulette is all about having fun. It comes with all features of the real game, although there have been concerns that it might be rigged.

Real money mobile roulette is for those who are concerned about winning. Players deposit real money and are paid the same when they win.

The security and safety of players are paramount when playing for real money. Hence, always be sure to pick a trustworthy site.

Why Should I Play Roulette on Mobile?

Playing roulette on mobile has many advantages. We have highlighted some of them below:

a) Flexibility

Among the most attractive features of mobile roulette are flexibility and mobility. You can access the game from anywhere and at any time. 

This is one of the main reasons most players are going for online gambling instead of the traditional brick-and-mortar casinos.

b) Accessibility

Having a mobile casino app on your phone is like walking with a casino in your pocket. You don’t have to rush home after work to change and head to a certain place or drive through heavy traffic. You have instant access to all roulette games.

c) Variety

It goes without saying one of the reasons gamblers love mobile roulette more is the variety of games offered. Whether you are looking for roulette demo mobile games or the real deal, they are all here. No matter your taste, there is always something for you.

d) Incredible graphics

Most devices today are designed for mobile gambling. The graphics and the intuitive user interface make it all admirable to players. You have everything you can expect from the casino sites right on your phone.


a. What is the best app for roulette?

What is the best roulette app” has become a very popular question on the internet. With so many sites promising the best offerings, one has to be careful how one chooses. 

The best app should be easy to access, have all games and offer a free demo. Consider reading customer reviews for every app you choose. We recommend online casinos AW8 and IVIP8 for best slot apps.

b. Can I play roulette on my phone?

Yes. Mobile roulette has become a popular option for modern gamblers. Every online casino has a mobile version, which players can use to play roulette on their phones.

c. What is mobile roulette?

Mobile roulette is a version of online roulette played on a mobile phone. Most online casinos have this version making access easy for players.

d. Is there a trick to win mobile roulette?

The trick to winning mobile roulette, like any other roulette, is understanding the game. Always start with the free version before going to play for real money.

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