The Best & Most Popular Real Money Video Poker Casinos

Video poker could easily be seen as one of the most popular online casino games. The game is simple and easy to win, compared to traditional games.

Besides, this is perhaps the only game where the house has no edge. Players are therefore at more advantage.

If you are a player who likes games of skill but does not have much experience, knowledge of composure to face real-casino games, video poker should be good. And since most variations pay well and have multiple possibilities, you cannot struggle much to win.

The game has a simplistic design and user interface. This makes it suitable even for newbies who want to try out something new.

However, you still need a great place to play real money video poker. Not every online casino will have what you need.

Luckily, Online Casino Malaysia is here to make this easy for you. Find and play all the top video poker games from the comfort of your house.

You are exposed to a wide range of video poker games with incredible bonuses. This gives you all the advantages of playing online video poker games.

Best Video Poker Online Casinos Malaysia 2022

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Most Popular of Video Poker Games

Most Popular of Video Poker Games

Video poker games are based on the classic five-card draw poker. Hence, it follows the same rules and objectives.

However, the main difference is that you don’t play video games against other players or dealers. It is more like video slots.

Decisions in video poker can affect the game’s outcome. The aim is for a player to collect as many cards of the same type as possible.

And with that, you may be wondering which video poker game is best to play. Well, there are so many choices out there. Sometimes it can even be overwhelming to choose.

Here are our top picks:

Jacks or Better

There are many reasons to list Jacks or Better as the number one game to play. And it does not even have to do with having odds, although that is also a good incentive.

Jacks or Better is a game that started it all for video poker games. In other words, all other video poker you will find is established on Jacks or Better.

When you think about the best video poker strategy Jacks or Better comes to mind quickly. It’s easier to find what you want.

The game is straightforward. It follows the concept of a 5-card draw. A player is dealt with 5 cards at the beginning, and they can choose the ones to play and the ones to leave. They are then paid offs based on the ranking of their poker hand at the end.

A pair of jacks or higher makes the lowest-paying hand. A pair of tens of less is a complete loss. The royal flush is the highest paying hand.

Deuces Wild

Another popular video poker online game is the Deuces Wild. This game is not very different from Jacks or Better. The biggest difference is that all the 2s in the deck are wilds.

There are four of these cards. This means there is a bigger difference in the value of your average final play. And that is one of the reasons you will not easily find one casino offering the same paytable for Deuce as they do for Jacks or Black.

The royal flush is also the highest-paying hand. However, there is a natural and wild royal flush. The natural one pays 800 to 1.

Deuces come with better paytables compared to Jacks or Blacks. This could be a good reason it has become more popular in the best casinos.

Aces and Faces

Aces and Faces is another video poker casino game that has greatly evolved. It’s no different from Jacks or Better and Deuces above.

The main difference with the other two is that Aces and Faces come through bonus payouts on the 4 of a kind hand. Players get the bonuses on any 4 of a kind combination of aces or face cards.

Playing Aces and Faces is just like playing any other poker video game. It starts by depositing your money and then making a bet per hand. Press ‘deal’, and you are in the game.

The game will deal you with a 5-card hand. You then pick the ones to play and the ones to get discarded. Note that the 8/5 Aces of Faces is the best possible version of the game.

Joker Poker

Joker Poker or Wild poker is one of the few video poker machines that claim to be different from Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild. The games offer a different paytable and also deal with a different variation of the deck.

Also, Joker Poker has 53 cards instead of 52, which is another significant difference. The other card is the joker, which plays as the wild.

The paytable is not very different from Jacks or Better, only with a minor difference. For example, the lowest hand starts with KINGS or better, unlike jacks or higher on the other games. This is a big difference because you only see 2 of them, pay-kinds of aces.

Well, you have another hand that pays off at 200 to 1. This is not in any other available games. And hence, players have more winning chances.

Features of Playing Video Poker

Video Poker games have grown increasingly popular over the past few years. One of the main reasons could be the availability of video poker games free playing. It’s one of the features that make the game interesting.

The game is similar to a single-line video slot. The main difference is that poker is more of a slot machine with symbols. Also, players have to hit a winning combination.

In video poker, one has to hit a winning poker hand. Also, players get more control of the game. One can choose how much they want to bet to win as many times as possible.

The games share the same rules as standard 5-hand poker games, but nothing more. This has a different format. Even an experienced poker player may have a problem with video poker.

You have one or more hands with the aim of hitting the right combination. It comes in varieties like Jacks or Better, Royal Flush, and more.

How to Play Video Poker?

How to play video poker
The video poker strategy is quite simple. A player places a bet of one or more credits on the video poker machines before pressing “Deal.” They then choose which cards to play and which ones to discard, starting with the 5 dealt.

You are free to exchange the cards you have with new ones from the deck. The game will then offer payment on the winning hands.

Keep an eye on the screen where the winning hand paytable is displayed.

Be sure to learn all the video poker tips you can before playing. For example, you should never use a ‘double’ feature twice.

Free Video Poker vs. Real Money Video Poker

Free Video Poker vs. Real Money Video Poker
Free video poker is the best way of learning how to play video poker slot machines. It does not come with real prices or the best bonuses, but it offers a platform where you can get all the tips for winning in real-money games.

And once you are sure of your skills, try out real money video poker. It’s more entertaining, assuring a wilder adrenaline rush.

The choice depends on you. Either option is good, depending on your goal and preference.
If you just want fun, play the free mode. But if you want to make some extra cash, try out real money video poker on Online Casino Malaysia.
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