Your Key Guide to Video Poker Strategy

You may already know that video poker is the only casino game that shows a player the information they need to know the house edge. And a good video poker strategy can increase your chances of getting more wins.

One can easily develop a proper strategy to get the highest return. Unfortunately, most poker players have no clue on how to use this information.

Many will pick any machine and play by hunches, hoping to be lucky. That is why we have put together this guide.

Online casino Malaysia is dedicated to helping you win more. You will find everything from poker dice strategy to the best way to beat video poker.

By now, you should know what video poker is and the basics. It’s a game based on randomness.

A player with a detailed poker strategy table has more chances of getting the best hands. This poker strategy guide is all about helping you create your own approach to video poker.

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Strategies to Win at Video Poker

Strategies to Win at Video Poker

One of the best things about poker machines is that they are easy to play. Hence, they have become prevalent.

Most players only need to know how to insert money and pull the lever. And for video poker, they only have to know how to deposit money and press the buttons.

With a good poker strategy beginners in this game have better chances of acquiring better odds. Video poker may not be hard to play, but it requires a good plan.

The basic strategy

Many beginners make the mistake of playing by just guessing, and they believe this is only a game of chance where you have no control over the outcome.

Video poker requires a certain skill too. And that is why you will find a poker strategy app for every variant of the game.

You will lose a lot of money when you just play without much thought. Having the right set of skills and a strategy on how to win poker every time makes it easier to win.

Before getting deep into the game, remember to practice thoroughly. Take your time to play the free games until you are comfortable.

Pick the right paytable

Video poker does not only have a lower house edge. It also lets you know the expected return before playing. You can find this information on the paytable, unlike a few new slots.

As such, a player needs to do proper research to identify the most paying machines with great paytables. This can happen if you understand that every video poker machine is based on its paytable.

For instance, casinos take a profit of about 3% on every play. This is what we call a house edge, and that means the player gets 97% or any other figure depending on the particular paytable.

Always compare different video poker machines and their paytables. The aim is to increase your possible returns.

It’s easier to beat a video poker machine with a 99.95% house edge than that with a 97.29 return. A higher RTP means the casino only keeps a small part of the win.

So, go for the 99.55%, which is closer to the full house. You are likely to lose more money with the 97.29% house edge.

Apart from this, choosing the right machine is crucial. Do not go for lousy machines or those with terrible paytables.

Beating Jacks or Better Video Poker

Beating Jacks or Better video slot

Understand that each game variant comes with its own poker winning strategy. A strategy that will help you beat Jacks or Better is different from that of Deuces Wild.

It’s not easy to learn all the strategies in the book. So, let's focus on beating Jacks or Better.

This is a game that offers the lowest returns compared to other games. However, it remains the most popular, perhaps because winning is much easier.

Combining your poker strategy winning with game theory increases your chances even more.

Here are some tips for beating this game.

1. Focus on playing the max

Playing the max is more convenient with this game. Video poker offers the best payout on the royal flush. You can bet 1 to 5 coins per hand, but you can only win a bonus on the royal flush.

2. Pick your paytable carefully

A paytable is one thing that should not miss on your video poker strategy card. The paytable is crucial if you want to beat the game.

For the case of Jacks or Better, you will meet a myriad of pay charts.

A pay chat may offer a different house edge but always go for a 9/6 or more. This is a fair return that gives you full house pay. Anything less than this is a risky move.

3. Take it slow

No matter the bonuses and great features they promise, video poker machines are designed first to make a profit. That is why you may find yourself losing the more you lay.

Hence, it would be a good idea to employ what we call a slow-down strategy. Do not be pressured by the bonuses and promises on these games. You can even take a break and come back later.

4. Play progressive jackpot video poker

Almost every online casino offers a progressive jackpot. This is because they want to give players the added advantages of winning big on a smaller bet.

Jacks or Better and related games are known for their lucrative progressive jackpots. You will need a good strategy for a winning chance.

The biggest issue is that most of these games offer terrible paytables. But we have already mentioned this earlier.

Video Poker Odds, House Edge & Paytable

Video Poker Odds, House Edge & Paytable
The best poker strategy online starts with understanding the game and the terms that make it. Here are the three most important aspects of the game:


A player must know the rules of the game to get the odds well. Video poker is created on simple 5-card draw poker.

You can either play via a video console or through online casinos. Video poker features a 52-card deck. Also, the game uses a Random Number Generator, which makes it hard to guess the outcomes.

The initial odds of getting a Royal Flush are 1 to 649 750. Players can increase their odds by learning a proper playing poker strategy.

House edge

We have already mentioned above that house edge is a crucial factor to consider. Most video poker games have a house edge of 97% and above.

This is the amount that remains with the casino on every game played. When making a poker strategy for beginners, always keep this in mind. Choose a video poker game with the highest house edge.


Like slot machines and other betting games, video poker gives certain amounts depending on a player’s combination. The only difference is that you can calculate the odds of getting a specific symbol in video poker.

This is why in every poker strategy starting hands play a crucial role. It all comes down to the paytable, a list of paying combinations, and how much is paid out. You can see the figures on display.

Video Poker Glossary

You will find poker strategy advanced jargon and terms as you proceed. It would be best if you didn’t get lost, especially when reading a poker strategy chart.

Here are the terms to expect:

  • Action – The amount of a bet placed
  • Bankroll – The total amount of money available in the player’s account for use
  • Cashback – A bonus in terms of cash given back to the player for playing with a specific casino
  • Cycle – The total hands that go through top-payout victories in a video poker machine
  • Drawing hand – A poker and that calls for a particular card for a better value
  • Face card – A kings, queens, and jacks card category
  • Full pay – the best version of any game
  • House edge – A house’s advantage as a percentage
  • RNG – Random Number Generator
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